Are you physically and emotionally drained?


Do you have trouble sensing God’s love for you?


Is your ministry no longer bearing fruit?

Welcome to The Shepherd’s Tavern

Experience renewal by getting away to rest

Recharge by staying in a beautiful cottage and enjoying the simplicity of farm life.

Reconnect with God through nature, enjoying the woods, wildflowers, and wildlife.

Reflect and be inspired by Way of the Cross Trail.

The Shepherd’s Tavern Experience

Way of the Cross Trail

Explore 2 miles of paths across 26 acres of land. Engage in meaningful reflections at 14 devotional stations. Rest on benches throughout your walk.

God’s Creation

Enjoy flowers, birds, wildlife, sunrises and the night sky all from the front porch of the comfy cottage as you sip your coffee or read a book.

Farm Life

Slow down and breathe in the fresh country air. Feed goats, gather eggs, ride an old tractor, & visit local Amish shops. Touch the soil and pick wild berries.

Next Steps

Moving you from burnout to renewal through rest.


Learn more about our quiet cottages and the Shepherd’s Tavern Experience

2) Reserve

Contact us today. Book your stay and mark your calendar for the rest you truly need.

3) Recharge

That’s it! During your stay, simply be still and enjoy the life-giving rest and relaxation.


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