Generosity & Giving

The Shepherd’s tavern is a 501(C)(3) Charity



We are looking for people to journey with us in three Areas:

  1. SKILL: People or groups who have skills in services such as building/carpentry, plumbing, electrical, solar, sanitation, ‘chainsawing,’ communication, social media, hospitality, spiritual direction, ministry-related soul-care services. We understand the Shepherd’s Tavern to be a communal project that invites a variety of skilled people to make their
    mark here. Besides, many hands make light work.

    • Skills Needed: Designers and Builders for Cottages and Lodge; Solar installer; Water system engineers/installers for septic and/or anaerobic digester system; platform/deck builders; Well drillers; Fundraiser/Developer; Property planner for county approvals; Social Media marketers/promoters; Sign maker; Logo and branding specialist; Painters; Artists of all mediums; Labyrinth creator/builder
  2. BILL: Personal and organizational financial donations and Gifts-in-kind such as small vehicles, furniture, appliances, etc. (please see our “Wish List“). Our main focus will be building three small Cottages and one Central Lodge as a shared kitchen and living area for our guests.
    • Funding Needs: Building supplies, furnishings and system for the 3 Cottages and the Central Lodge; Anything not gifted on the wish list; Project materials for work groups.
  3. WILL: Individuals, couples and/or groups who are willing to come and work for a day, a weekend or a week. You need no specific skills, just the will to work at manual tasks such as clearing paths or cleaning cottages or mixing concrete or helping builders and other skilled folks (see list below). Bring a group or come by yourself!
    • Work Project Needs: Building trails; Fire pit; Clearing land/areas; Fence removal; Painting; Briar and poison ivy removal; Barn clean out; Build swings; Build bridges over creeks; Build treehouse; Cutting and moving wood; Dig drainage ditches.








People in Virginia can give through shopping at Kroger.
Kroger Charity Awards when you shop at Kroger,
select us as your charity.

Wish List (Gifts-in-kind)




Golf carts (electric)

Rocking chairs (outdoor)

Porch swings

Queen mattress/bed (3x)

Linens and Towels (6x)

Rugs for cottages and lodge

Small desk chairs (3x)

Nail gun

Building supplies (contact us for current needs)

Tea kettle and coffee mugs

General cottage furnishings (contact us for current needs)

Chain saw


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